the first global community born to map
and give new life to abandoned buildings


  • Daniela Galvani

    Daniela is the architecture guru (well, she actually is an architect) of the team and the fuel of the company, she’s able to energize people better that anybody else.

    She’s sensitive and fascinated by sustainable topics and thinks that [im]possible living is THE suistanable project.

  • Andrea Sesta

    Andrea is the bright mind of our project. He loves the power of web collaboration, in particular when it affects reality.

    He is an engineer with computer science and general management specializations and a tireless Vespa traveler.

  • Andrea Franz
    Lead developer

    Andrea is our super-duper coder: put a keyboard in his hands and he will drive you crazy ... but remember to let him work with emacs, otherwise he will get sad!

    He’s been involved in tens of web project and he's an active member of the Italian Ruby community!

  • MakeACube

    Since last July MakeaCube3 supports [im]possible living providing business support and much more

    MakeaCube3 is the first italian incubator specialized in startup bringing high social and environmental value.

  • Working with us at the moment

  • Moran Shitrit
    Urban Planner

    Moran is an urban planner, she comes from Israel. With curly hairs which try to control the world. She loves the nature and her dog.

    She is eager to see sustainable changes coming alive. She believes in good design and smiling people.

  • Roy Bisschops

    Roy is an architect from The Netherlands who has been working for some years in The Hague. He is now based in Milan as a freelancer with a passion for architecture and photography and committed to use his experience for the future of the project. Visit his portfolio.

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