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Viale Ortigara 37, 47921 Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Building description

There is a new project for this place and it seems quite futuristic: a 15mln € investment for a complete new hotel in two years!! But at this time this hotel is one of the several buildings representing the tourism explosion in Rimini starting from the ’60s. Over the years Rimini became one of the most famous seaside resorts in Europe (sometimes called “Miami of Europe”), thanks to its 15 km-long sandy beach, over 1.000 hotels and thousands of bar, restaurants and discos. Unfortunately this sudden success, and not much foresight from the local administrations, brought to the city several enormous and horrible buildings, most of which are still in use today. Hotel delle Nazioni instead is abandoned, even though it seems that you can still book a room, but I definitely would not recommend it to our readers!! Looking at the map below there’s an interesting thing to point out: if you look on top of the map pin you’ll see a little harbour next to it. This harbour is part of a huge project, that includes several new edifications, in particular luxury apartments. This project has been strongly criticized, mainly because of its impact on the territory (in particular there’s a huge residential complex constructed with several floors, hiding the view to the buildings behind). This project now is completed, with a ghost building sitting next to it. Why the Hotel delle Nazioni has not been part of the project? Why the local administration didn’t oblige the construction company to restore it? With all the money involved in the project, it wouldn’t make such an economical difference to include the hotel restoration, but it definitely could have made a social difference!!

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  • Commercial
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  • In ruins



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  • Viale Ortigara
  • Rimini
  • 47921
  • Emilia-Romagna
  • Italy
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